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Whether you are selling, renting, or staying in your home, we can help you make the most of your space.

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Staging & Redesign

What's the difference between Staging & Redesign?


Staging is used to present your home at its best so you can sell it faster and for more money! We stage both owner-occupied and vacant homes and provide furniture and accessories as needed.


Redesign is used to improve the space you live in, making the most of what you already have and modifying it based on your personal wants and needs. We can also “refresh” and update your home!

Our Process

Step 1

Staging / Redesign Consultation

Step 2

Staging / Redesign
Report & Proposal

Step 3

Staging / Redesign Transformation

Amber Young


Pursuing my room at a time.

A home is more than the sum of it’s parts. It’s where we live–and it should be beautiful and functional, but also comfortable and reflect our personal style. I created Amber Young Interiors with this philosophy in mind, and believe that every home should have “a sense of place”. 

"Island Cottage" Oak Island, NC

Our Philosophy

"The Boat House" Hampstead, NC

"Creating a Sense of Place"

"Creating a Sense of Place"

Our surroundings have an effect on our mood and well being–and nowhere is this more important than in our homes. Good design goes beyond beauty and aesthetics. Our interior spaces should not only function for their intended purpose, but should engage our senses and evoke a positive emotional response.

Whether staging a home to appeal to a new buyer, helping homeowners love the home they live in, or creating inspired vacation accommodations for travelers, we create beautiful spaces you’ll want to call home.


Think you don't need staging in a hot market? Think again!

Think you don't need staging in a hot market? Think again!

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